Mental Retardation is the limitation of the functioning of the brain and individual suffering from it has his intellectual functioning level a lot below the average.


Cancer is not just a single disease but a group of multiple diseases which promotes the abnormal growth of cells & can result in damaging the immune system causing body impairments.


Skin problems not only affect the appearance but also affect your self-confidence and quality of life. Many skin problems are psychosomatic and result from stress and anxiety.


Digestive problems can make day to day life uncomfortable and in some cases become embarrassing as well.most gastrointestinal tract infections can be treated and cured easily by Homeopathy.


Today most of the women are suffering from chronic diseases. In the extremely busy life of today, women try to solve their issues by taking medicines themselves which provides temporary relief but does not cure it.


Respiratory diseases may be caused by infection, by smoking tobacco, or by breathing in secondhand tobacco smoke, radon, asbestos, or other forms of air pollution.

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Homeopathy works in a Holistic approach so there is a large scope in all side of incurable diseases.

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